Hope is Born - Christmas 2020

It’s that moment of anticipation: the tree is up, the decorations are on and the lights have 
been carefully arranged around its branches. The big switch-on moment has arrived, when we hope 
our work will be rewarded with a riot of colour and twinkling beauty.
It doesn’t always happen, of course. Sometimes there’s a fault: a bulb has blown or maybe the lights just need replacing. Our best laid plans can go wrong. For many of us, Christmas can mean more stress and pressure than joy and celebration. Sometimes it’s pressure we put on ourselves, wanting everything to be perfect. So when, as so often happens, things don’t work out as planned, it can feel like everything is ruined.
The good news of the Christmas story is very simple. It’s about the birth of a child who would change everything. A king who would live as a servant. A teacher who would with his life show us how to please God, and in his death (and resurrection) offer us forgiveness for our wrongdoing, and a life that lasts forever.
The great news of Christmas is that the birth of Jesus – called “the light of the world” in John’s gospel – signals hope. A new beginning when things seem dark and hopeless. We’d love you to join with us as we celebrate what it means to follow the light of Jesus this Christmas in an often dark world.